Covid-19 Important Notice

The outbreak of Covid-19 has severely impacted our ability to offer gliding training and experiences, as well as limiting our ability to provide bar, catering and accommodation to members and visitors. This is likely to remain the case for some time.

Recreational flying has been permitted again, since 15 May, so we have restarted our flying operation in a limited way. Whilst eager to fly, we must adhere to the regulations and guidelines under which we operate, in order for everyone to stay safe, legal and healthy. As a flying operation, we also have to consider our saftey as pilots, as well as that of those around us. 

Some instructors are self isolating. Those willing to fly are regaining currency, by which we mean fly a bit to blow off the cobwebs and to sharpen up their skills. We are also refining procedures on the airfiled, so that we can operate sfely and effectively whilst maintaining social distance. This is tricky when we need multiple people to rig and move gliders, handle tow-out gear and winching, and as for sheltering in the bus,… well, that’s not happening yet.

The instructors are now able to authorise solo flying as conditions allow, and we have some very limited capacity for two seater flying.

So, our most current solo pilots are now able to fly their gliders. Two seater flying has started in a very limited way. The PPE requirements conflict somewhat with training, so we are approaching this very carefully. On this basis, we have suspended all Courses and Trial Lessons, initially for the remainder of 2020. When restrictions are eased, we will ramp up the training for members. Trial Lessons and Courses will follow in due course, but we do not yet have a timescale for this.

So for the time being:

  • Vouchers for Trial Lessons due to expire after 17 March 2020 are now suspended, pending the recommencement of flying for non-members. We will endeavour to contact voucher holders to make alternative arrangements. If you have not heard from us, please contact the office.
  • Training Courses are currently suspended, and remain under review. Attendees already booked in will be contacted as required.
  • We will not be able to take new bookings for courses or trial lessons until further notice – obviously we want to schedule our existing customers, so that they can fly as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting and flying with you as soon as it is practicable.

Updated 13 July 2020


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