From Dave Reedie. A cold toes but great flying day, the shortest flight was 45mins and that was only because the snow moved in on us.
There were only 10 of us John in his LAK, Alister in the LS7, Mike flew JRJ with Martin W, Steve M, Andy B and Dave Spencer while Roger and I shared the K18 and not forgetting Tony K doing a sterling job on the winch.
There was wave interacting with West edge lift which made it quite interesting at times 6 up to 6 down in places, Mike took off on his last flight of the day with Dave straight into wave, he was 900ft off the cable then 2500ft by the North end of the ridge.
On my first flight I managed to creep up to 1800ft in a smoothish 1 to 2 up but on the second flight when we thought the wave had stopped I managed 4500ft over Ladybower, the wind had picked up and the wave was stronger but rougher.
I did a quick retreat back from Ladybower when the snow started with a couple of spins to lose height on the way back, I noticed Martin recovering from a spin earlier in the day which I suspect was a ‘you have control Martin’ from Mike ! Then in to land as the snow started in earnest where I was glad of the 65knts and 500ft I had over the back wall, it was rough, I was closely followed by Mike and Dave in the Puch. If you weren’t there you missed a great day summed up rather well I think by a text