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70 years isn’t enough

Another enjoyable day in wave

Not an exciting forecast but a sunny day appeared. A quick assembly of the glider and an early launch found that there was plenty of rising air (wave lift) that quickly wafted me up to over 5,000 feet, allowing views over much of the Peak District and as far afield as Manchester and Doncaster.

Having been flying from Camphill for over 70 years, I never tire of the spectacular views, that are forever changing through the seasons, of the Southern Pennines, the reservoirs, the hills and valleys. On this day I had to fly to the East to continue climbing to a maximum height of over 10,000 feet. Cloud was advancing from the West giving some beautiful cloudscapes, after which a tour of the area while descending made for another wonderful day out in the skies.

Mike Armstrong, 7/10/21

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