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A rare outing

Into Edale and beyond

Despite, or perhaps bevause of, good looking skies, Mike Stephens declined the use of his syndicate’s ASW27B (JPT), in favour of his partner’s refamiliarisation with Jupiter. But when the opportunity arose to fly the club’s ASK18 (JKU), he leapt at it, and made very good use of it too. Initially joining JPT to the west of Camphill, in mixed thermal, some streeting, and possible wave influence, Mike gained just enough height over the Hope Cement Works to press on further to the North West.

He reports: “Decent thermals to 2400′ QFE aligned in cloud streets with wave interference (but no wave climbs).  Managed to work over Kinder and see to Kinder Downfall and Reservoir (see pic), great fun and the K18 performed well.”

Photo: Mike Stephens
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