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A trip round the block…

…after enjoying the local sights in our back yard

Peter Gray added to the Flying Blog:

The day gave us a wind of about 20kts/240 on the surface with a few gusts but nothing untoward. The edge was working with entrained thermal that somehow had the feel of wave influence. I spent a while on Win hill with an excursion up the Derwent valley (pictured) to the edge of L975, mostly around 2,000ft (QFE CPH), but the better climbs (c 3,000ft) were around the cement works and over the railway line as it curves out of the Edale valley into the Hope valley. Eventually bored with that locale [Ed: bored???] I trickled over to our Durham edge to find good wave up to FL65. At FL63 I found some indicated 8kts lift from which I had to run away cursing the controlled airspace and the fact that the ground crew had packed up and put the bus away, so no wave box for me! Downwind got me under the FL85 bit of airspace but trapped between masses of cumulus that was building so that at FL85 I couldn’t see over the cloud to gauge what I might find downwind over Sheffield. The wind there was about 40kts/260. Some high speed cloud dodging up to Ladybower revealed some holes that I could descend through down to FL65 and then I could dive under cloud en-route for CPH. By that time I’d eaten my sandwiches (thanks John), a Lion bar and had that yukky feeling from too many wine gums; also needed a wee but the seat cushion had ridden forward over the pee hole in the cockpit floor so no joy there. Back at CPH the cloud mass had vanished leaving  occasional sessile cumulus so I took a turn “around the block” (Eyam edge – Curbar edge- Stanage edge – Bamford crags – Hope Brink – CPH). All at about 2,000ft so it didn’t count as hill soaring. Had to work at coming down in the end.

Ed Pete wasn’t taking photos that day, so this one was borrowed from Dave Salmon. Stunning views, whoever is flying.

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