MBCamphill from behind BarrellCamphill is a hill top gliding airfield flanked by ridges on the west side and to the south. The airfield is 3/4 mile long North-South and 600 yards wide East-West. It is an all grass airfield with a well kept smooth surface. There is a hard core perimeter track for easy access to all parts of the airfield.

Circuits and Landings

All pilots will want to be aware of the principles of hill site flying – all fully explained in our Pilots Manual. This is not a difficult site to fly from in most conditions – in fact it is very rewarding. A familiarisation flight and site briefi
ng is all that is needed for most visiting solo pilots.


At Camphill we launch gliders by winching. We have three twin drum winches, (including a modern “Skylaunch”) each with high capacity power units capable of launching gliders┬áto over 1200 feet, even in nil wind conditions. During the summer months we employ a winch┬ádriver to ensure an effective and efficient winch launching operation 7 days a week.

Ordnance Survey Coordinates are 418.15E : 378.71N.


The hangar is BGA turning point CPH at 53 degrees 18.287N : 001 degrees 43.656W.The airfield elevation is approx 1350 feet AMSL.