Camphill – 80 Years Of Gliding

TulipsNamed after the iron age enclosure at the south end of our airfield, Camphill has been the home of The Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club since 1935. The airfield was formed from the fields of Camphill Farm and our clubhouse was once the farmhouse. It is now a listed building.

In early days Camphill was noted as a good site for soaring in hill lift. As gliding developed the site became equally well known for thermal soaring and for lee wave lift triggered by the Pennine Hills.

The site is famous in the history of gliding. It was one of only a handful of centres for early gliding in the UK. Most of glidings’ pioneers were at one time members or flew at Camphill. Many National and Regional meets were held here. In 1954, the site hosted the World Gliding Championships.

At the heart of the Peak District, this is an idyllic gliding site, in beautiful surroundings. It has been, and is, loved by many