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A rare outing

Into Edale and beyond Despite, or perhaps bevause of, good looking skies, Mike Stephens declined the use of his syndicate’s ASW27B (JPT), in favour of his partner’s refamiliarisation with Jupiter. But when the opportunity arose to fly the club’s ASK18 (JKU), he leapt at it, and made very good use of it too. Initially joining […]

Pilots’ Bullseye

A rare sighting of this form of the Brocken Spectre Seen in wave forming over Camphill yesterday. Brian needed three attempts to connect with the wave lift from the ridge, catching it later in the day. Being above the clouds creates the opportunity to spot your Pilot’s Bullseye! Photographing it is an added bonus. In […]

70 years isn’t enough

Another enjoyable day in wave Not an exciting forecast but a sunny day appeared. A quick assembly of the glider and an early launch found that there was plenty of rising air (wave lift) that quickly wafted me up to over 5,000 feet, allowing views over much of the Peak District and as far afield […]

A wonderful wave Wednesday

A great day out It’s that time of year when wave occurs, often accessible from the ridge, with moderate cloud and incredible visibility. Yesterday was one of those days. Enjoyed by many, but especially by Liz who captured some glorious shots for our Album,  from above the airflied and nearby.

Congratulations to Alex G

Not one, but two… Alex Green is the second of our members named Alex to be awarded his Ass Cat instructor rating in the space of the last two weeks. Unable to finish all the elements of the examination a couple weeks ago (they do try to cram a lot in), Alex made a return […]

Congratulations to Alex O

Alex qualifies as an Assistant Instructor. After a great deal of hard work and practise, Alex Oldham has recently completed the final module of his Ass Cat training, passed the examination and been given his rating by the BGA. Very well done, and welcome to the instructing team. The author couldn’t find a picture of […]

Scratching into Yorkshire

Chris and Mike take the Arcus to Pately Bridge We both took a day off work as we wanted to practise flying the Arcus cross-country before our trip to Lasham at the end of August. We had an idea to follow the good weather up past Leeds without setting a task. It felt like there […]

A trip round the block…

…after enjoying the local sights in our back yard Peter Gray added to the Flying Blog: The day gave us a wind of about 20kts/240 on the surface with a few gusts but nothing untoward. The edge was working with entrained thermal that somehow had the feel of wave influence. I spent a while on […]