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Martin Willcox

Wood is (still!) good

(From Simon Stannard) With contrasting weather forecasts for Wednesday, there was nothing for it but to go to the club and see for oneself which was correct. On arrival it was apparent that the locally gloomy one was more accurate: a wildly buoyant morning, with damp patches blowing through, beneath a cloudbase of 1800’ locally. […]

What a weekend!

Fabulous weekend at the Club!  49 flights in a mix of thermal, ridge and wave lift, with very nearly 27 hours flown.  Our resident pundit Mike A flew for nearly 5 hours; ab initio Norbert continues to make good progress; Andy M flew for the first time since September; and Basic Instructor candidates Andy L […]

Farewell to February!

February 2022 was mostly damp and gloomy, with The Weather Gods conspiring to limit flying from Camphill.  By contrast, Sunday 27th February was clear and bright, if a little blustery, with a fresh wind east of south.  With the soaring forecast indicating string winds at altitude, there was a possibility of wave lift.  Alex Green and […]

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