Mike Bushell from the BBC tries his hand at gliding

Mike Bushell from the BBC tries his hand at gliding

BBC Sports reporter Mike Bushell came to the Camphill Vintage week on its 80th birthday to further the sport of gliding especially amongst the young.
His Saturday Breakfast TV sport round-up on BBC1 will be aired in the next few weeks and will be a 2.5min feature within his 10min slot which goes out up to 4 times within the morning transmission from 0630am to 0930am.

With a backdrop of vintage gliders Mike started his film at the winch and then had a flight low on the ridge with Mike Armstrong in a Puchacz covered in Go-Pro cameras. After filming Lucy Faulkner launching in a Capstan she was interviewed by Mike on the ground about the future of gliding for the younger members.

Mike also spoke to other members of the club and hopes to present a very positive piece for the gliding movement and a great piece for our 80th year…’

Note to other Gliding Clubs.

The audience share ‘dipping in’ over the 3hr programme amounts to 12 million -many of which tune in only for this sport highlight!

If BBC World decide also to air this feature, as they often do, the audience will be approximately 220million world wide…!!

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