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What a weekend!

Fabulous weekend at the Club!  49 flights in a mix of thermal, ridge and wave lift, with very nearly 27 hours flown.  Our resident pundit Mike A flew for nearly 5 hours; ab initio Norbert continues to make good progress; Andy M flew for the first time since September; and Basic Instructor candidates Andy L […]

Flying in Wave all day

By Warwick Horne  Well this was definitely was the best day of the week! Blue skies and wave as required! Off the West edge and straight into it for as long as you wanted to. Garry Lewis got to 5200 feet in a K18, but for training it was easy. For some this was their […]

Re-certified Winch Driver – John McKenzie

CFI John McKenzie adds a new skill… Not one to rest on his laurels, John recently completed his winch driver refresher training, with a morning on the winch launching gliders onto the ridge in strong wave lift. He will now be able to help with launching the club’s gliders between shifts as our Chief Flying […]

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