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Farewell to February!

Photo courtesy Alex Oldham.

February 2022 was mostly damp and gloomy, with The Weather Gods conspiring to limit flying from Camphill.  By contrast, Sunday 27th February was clear and bright, if a little blustery, with a fresh wind east of south.  With the soaring forecast indicating string winds at altitude, there was a possibility of wave lift.  Alex Green and Owen Brown got the party started with a short soaring flight off the south edge at 10:30.  Mark Braddock was the first to really get in to the wave – and was rewarded with a 90 minute flight in Astir JPM.  CFI John McKenzie promptly went one better, with a two-and-a-half hour flight in his Lak 19. Even your own correspondent, having, ahem, “forgotten his sandwiches” on his first attempt, subsequently managed to get into the wave on his second.  In all, 17 pilots flew 24 sorties before flying finished at 17:30, logging nearly 12 hours flying time, with three Ab Initios continuing to make progress and two out-of-currency solo pilots restored to solo status.  Not bad for a Sunday in February!

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