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Flying in Wave all day

By Warwick Horne 

Well this was definitely was the best day of the week! Blue skies and wave as required!
Off the West edge and straight into it for as long as you wanted to. Garry Lewis got to 5200 feet in a K18, but for training it was easy. For some this was their first experience of this “Very Relaxed” flying to quote Tim Snow! The unusual thing: it was there all day, until it was getting dark as the sun sank behind the clouds in the West.

Thanks to John McKenzie for adding another two seater to get everyone flown.

Photo: David Heimerdinger

Ed: Learning to glide is so much easier in wave! The lift is nice and smooth, and can be easy to find – just fly along the windward side of the wave bar. It really helps to practise when learning to turn and manage speed control. And best of all, it can occur throughout winter.

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