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Flying Start

A unique membership offer

Our Flying Start membership allows you to join us for a year, and funds many of your early lessons – all for the price of a normal Annual Membership.

Full year’s membership

Your membership will run for a full 12 months from the date of joining. This will be charged at the normal rate for a full year, which is £495 for 2022.

£200 credit to your flying account

Your flying account is immediately credited with £200, so you can fly without further payment until it is used up.

Reduced fees for your second period of membership

Your second period of membership will start 12 months after first joining. As club members normally renew on 1 March, this is likely to be a “part year” for you. The part year is charged at a lower rate than the normal full year.

Rebate if gliding isn’t for you

If within the first 30 days of membership you decide that gliding isn’t for you, we will repay any unused credit in your flying account.

Full access to all our facilities and instruction

You will be just like any other Flying Member of the club, with all the normal access to gliders, flight instruction, the flight simulator and all other facilities that you would get without this offer.

Glider Pilots Logbook

Flying Start membership also entitles you to a free Glider Pilot’s Logbook in which you will record all your flights. Instructors use it too, noting your achievements and areas requiring further training as you progress towards your first solo flight.

Apply for membership

To take advantage of this offer, complete the application form, selecting Flying Start membership type, and return it to the club office along with your membership fee.

Please note that the Flying Start is exclusively offered to people who have not been a member of any gliding club in the previous five years.

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