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Fly with us at Camphill and you will be part of the only gliding club in the Peak District.

We are a ‘family’ of glider pilots, instructors and support personnel, with the experience and facilities for you to learn to fly, quickly, safely and to the highest standard, in this fabulous area.

Joining us as a qualified glider pilot, you’ll find that our location in the Peak District delivers amazing scenery right off the launch. What’s more, the Peak District also provides gliding conditions that simply aren’t available at other airfields in the ‘flatlands’. Our flying is always varied and interesting, allowing you to develop your soaring skills as fully as you wish.

Pilots learning to fly at Camphill will be highly trained, and well respected, becoming skilled to fly at almost any other gliding site in the country without further instruction (always subject to their familiarisation and check flights of course!). Although the club is known as a hill-top ridge site, you will learn to exploit thermals and wave lift as well. In the right conditions, it is possible to experience all three forms of lift in a single flight, staying aloft for hours if you choose!

We operate almost every day, so your membership gives you access to year-round training and gliding. Fly as much as you have time for!

Even when the weather doesn’t allow for extended soaring or in-flight training, instruction is available in the clubhouse briefing room. Our modern and highly immersive three-screen flight simulator, also located in the clubhouse in its own dedicated room, enables realistic glider flight training without leaving the ground. So if you can’t get airborne, you can still take the to virtual skies to progress your training, whether pre-solo or advancing cross country skills.

The club’s bar hosts a vibrant social community, where there’s always someone to compare notes with, not to mention excellent catering and fine ales to enjoy after a day’s flying.

You’ll always be welcome at the club, even if you haven’t come to fly! For instance, our modern workshops allow you to develop mechanical and aircraft maintenance skills, or just to lend a hand as part of the club ‘team’.

Annual Membership Fees 2024

The main Flying Membership fees for 2024 are as follows:

Full Member £525

Country Member (applies to those living more than 75 miles away) £370

Student (under 21, and under 26 by arrangement) £105

Under 18 £95

Other types of membership are available – please contact the Office for details.

The membership year runs from March to the end of February. Fees are reduced for those joining us part way through the year.

Special Offer: the Flying Start

The Flying Start membership gets your learning off to… yep, you’ve got it. It’s simple: you pay for a year’s membership, and get a massive £200 credited to your Flying Account for free!

You can join the club by downloading and completing our application form, then contacting the gliding club’s office to complete the joining process.

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