Joining The Club

Getting your application form …

During 2019, we will be moving over to online Membership Registration, but for now – please be patient. You will need to download the form, complete it and send it back to us (or bring it with you on your first visit. If you wish to join as a Flying Start Member, you can either pay your membership fee online now , enclose a cheque if you are returning your form by post – or pay in person when you first visit.

Flying Start is the only type of membership that you can subscribe to online. All other membership types are pro-rata to the end of our subscription year. Please call the office for this months fee

Get The Application Form
Flying Membership  For the 2019 season
     Flying Start For people new to gliding or anyone who has not flown for many years. A reduced cost start to gliding club membership. Total price for 2019 is £460 with a £175 cash-back into your flying Account.   £460
     Standard Full access to the all the facilities of the club – i.e. flying and social.  £460
     Junior or Student Flying membership at reduced rate for young people.  From £70
     Country Flying membership at reduced rate for those living more than 75 miles from the club (as crows fly).  £275
     Family Flying membership at reduced rate for additional family members.  £275
Non Flying Membership
     Associate For those who have an interest in gliding, and want to help or to enjoy the facilities of the club, but are happy not to fly.  £39