The club has instructors on duty all year round to give glider flying lessons. Most training is hands-on flying in the clubs’ two-seat, dual controlled gliders. There is also some “ground school”.

In addition the club has a full size two-seat glider simulator, with a full set of flying controls. A computer controlled 3 screen projection system shows a panoramic realistic outside view – you really feel you are flying. The controls, instruments and projected view enable all aspects of glider flight to be simulated. So what ever the weather, training can continue!

A formal training programme is followed to ensure that all key aspects of airmanship are covered. When the instructors feel you are ready, you are sent on your first solo flight. Your training will be recorded in comprehensive training records and you will keep your own logbook for personal entries together with instructor’s advice and comments. Learning to fly never stops and there are certificates to gain as your skills improve.

It is part of the culture of gliding that club members work together on the airfield to help each other fly. It is also important to know that the club is a members’ (i.e. not commercial) club. That means that every member contributes voluntarily to the running of the club in some way, shape or form.
Members take their turn every few weeks to undertake a duty of some sort. Students keep the log of flights, solo pilots drive the winches, senior members supervise the launch point and the training is done by experienced pilots who have become qualified as instructors.

Only the glider usage has to be paid for. Instruction is FREE OF CHARGE.