Hill Soaring

Camphill is a hill top site on the south-west corner of a plateau with three sides fK8BungeeARorming appreciable slopes to the North, West and South. The East side is cleft by a valley that runs down to join the Hope Valley (of telephone exchange fame) at Hathersage. The major slopes all produce good lift and hill soaring is available straight off the top of a launch in winds from northerly through west to southerly.
To the north of Camphill, as well as the Hope Valley, there is Edale Valley and the valleys containing the Ladybower, Derwent and Howden reservoirs. All have soarable slopes usable in one wind direction or another. Soaring these is not difficult and is fully described in the club’s Pilots Manual – as are the local landing fields which are not as small as is rumoured!ridge

For the more experienced pilot the whole of the Peak District is open for exploration from Cromford in the south to Saddleworth Moors in the north, from Kinder Downfall in the west to Howden Moors in the east. Those who like to mark their prowess by the distance flown in one flight can fly over seventy kilometres within the Peak District..