Our Glider Fleet

A fleet to meet your needs …. 

Puchacz two seat training gliders (below) are made of glass fibre reinforced resin – a very strong and rugged material, used in the building of most mod2014MarAern gliders – whether they are designed for training or for high performance.puch long



K13 training gliders are made of steel and wood, a well tried combination that has been used for many years.

Ka18 and Ka 8 – wood and metal single seat gliders

At Camphill we haveIMG_0261 a number of dual control gliders. These are available almost every flying day for training. They are also used for trial flights.

The flying controls of these gliders are very easy to use. They enable anyone of any age or gender and most sizes to easily control the glider. The pedal controls are adjustable to suit leg length. There is a fully adjustable five-strap harness to keep you entirely secure in your seat. A large single wheel smoothes out landings.

glider25In the cockpit,  instruments give us important information like height, speed, and rate of climb or descent. All gliders are also fitted with radio to keep in touch with the ground and other gliders – mainly for safety reasons.

Each glider has a large Perspex canopy over the cockpit which, as well as keeping out the wind and weather, gives excellent all round visibility.


Single Seat Gliders

Once you are experienced enough to fly on your own you can fly the clubs’ single seat gliders. These are a little more sporty and manoeuvrable than the dual control gliders and are capable of being flown distances that will earn you gliding certificates and qualifications.

We have many more gliders at Camphill. Members of the club privately own these. Many members, but not all, after some experience as solo pilots like to own a glider on a shared basis.