From our airfield at Camphill we regard the area from North Yorkshire down to Caglider23mbridge in the South, and South Wales as our back yard for thermal cross countries. However thermal flying in the hilly country is very different from that over flatter terrain. The hill slopes catch the sun’s rays earlier than the flatlands and correspondingly do so as the day ends so the thermal activity is often prolonged. There is frequently a breeze and often superimposed wave. Flying at Camphill is characterised by a rich mixture of all three classical forms of soaring which is challenginthermalcircleg, rewarding and endlessly fascinating.
Because of the influence of the wind and hills the thermals often behave unpredictably, or so it seems.
Learning the way they behave and developing the skills to successfully soar them and use them as the stepping stones into the lee wave is one of the reasons why Camphill is one of the uniquely interesting and challenging gliding sites in England .