Wave Flying

The prime wave generators are the flanks of the Pennines. However at a lower level each major hill produces some local wave which usually feeds into the main wave at some point where they are in phase with each other. Camphill, in the heart of the Peak District, is so situated that our hill lift is nearly alwwaveays in phase with the best waves that are generated in winds from southwest to northwest. Frequently a winch launch to 400ft or so is all it takes to start a flight that may take you to levels where oxygen is required and you can venture forth to join the pilots from Sutton Bank at Thirsk flying in wave over the North Yorkshire Moors.
Our good climbs are made to the East where the cloud gaps tend to be bigger and the airspace more open. Although the best wave is in winds predominantly from the west, just as there is a soarable hill accessible from Camphill in any wind direction there is accessible wave in most wind directions as well. You just may have to make a step to a local hill to find the way into it. Silver, gold and diamond heights are all to be had at Camphill within gliding range of the site, cloud cover notwithstanding. The height record for Camphill is 23,000ft. The only real limiting factor to high wave soaring over the Peak District is the presence of controlled airspace above and to the west, related to the Manchester CTA.