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Now that’s what I call a wave bar!

What a stunner.

Conditions were challenging on Saturday, with strong wave influence on the hill. Most often, wave is somewhat elusive, but sometimes it smacks you in the face. David Heimerdinger’s photo shows the lee side of a bar upwind and to the west of the club, and clearly illustrates the gap downwind of it and the next bar overhead.

His video shows in real-time how the air moves through the apparently stationary bar, with the vapour evaporating as it descends and warms. The movement isn’t always seen this clearly in real-time – it makes me wonder what the sink rate would be!

The flipside is that as the air bounces upwards and cools, the moisture in the air condenses to reveal the next wave bar, where the lift will be equally strong. Hence, when gliding in wave, we fly along the upwind edges of these cloud formations, in rapidly rising air, often rising well above the cloud.


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