Single Flight Experience Voucher

Single Flight Experience Voucher


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A single flight in a glider of up to 10 minutes . Furthermore, If you decide to join the club on the day of your flight, we will refund the cost of the voucher. If you still need time after your flight we will give you a massive £50 off any of our club membership packages redeemable within one month of the flight date.

Please Note, Our aim is to provide you with the best possible flight experience we possibly can. After all, you may one day wish to take up the sport and join our club. it is however sometimes not possible to deliver flights of 10 minutes or more in a single flight(normally due to weather). If your flight is short, you will be offered a further flight on the day. In this situation, The overall time may end up being under 10 minutes but the exhilaration of being whisked from 0 – 60 in 3 1/2 seconds is a thrill not to be missed

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The voucher holder will be asked to sign a declaration before flying that he/she does not suffer from a medical condition that may make him/her become incapacitated (eg due to fainting, fit, blackout, seizure, unconsciousness or cognitive impairment such as Dementia) whilst flying. If the voucher holder cannot sign this please contact the club. If in doubt – please contact your GP

  1. Please be aware that there are height and weight limits in order to fly. Minimum height is 5’ (1.52m), maximum height is 6’ 2” (1.88m), maximum weight is 15 stone (95kg).

Excepting for Prescription drugs used to control a known pre declared medical condition, the voucher holder will be liable to forfeit his/her right to redeem the voucher,  if he/she arrives and the staff or members of the Club believe that he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or that he/she or his//her associates are abusive or endanger safety

Additional information

Included Membership

30 Days from the date of your flight

Membership Offer

Full Voucher Refund If You Join On The Day Of Your flight

Voucher Valid For

12 Months from Date Of Purchase

Non Refundable

Flight Vouchers are non-refundable. We are a gliding club and we only sell flight products – we do not sell books, shoes, clothes or any non flying items that could be exchanged for this flight voucher.

If you are buying this flight voucher as a gift, It is your responsibility to ensure it will not end up as an "unwanted gift"

If you are the recipient of an unwanted gift, you may pass it on to another person. You MUST however inform us of the name of the person you are passing it on to, quoting the voucher number in all correspondence.

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