Dual Flight Experience

Dual Flight Experience



20 minutes on our triple screen simulator with one of our dedicated demonstrators followed by 1 flight in a real glider of approximately 10 – 15 minutes. Furthermore, If you decide to join the club either on the day or within 30 days of your flight,  we will give you a massive £50 off any of our club membership packages.

Please Note, Our aim is to provide you with the best possible flight experience we possibly can. After all, you may one day wish to take up the sport and join our club. it is however sometimes not possible to deliver 10 minutes flying in a single flight (normally due to weather). If your flight is short, you will be offered a second flight on the day.


Flight Recipient’s Name *

Although often purchased by friends or relatives, FlightVouchers are issued in the name of the person taking the flight. This is a security measure for fraud prevention and to guard agains theft. Please enter the Flight recipient’s name below

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Usually, vouchers are emailed to you. By ticking this box you are requesting that a voucher be posted out to you. If the voucher is a gift for someone, please remember to allow three working days for delivery.

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This is how we as pilots learn. We See, We Practice, We DO. Flight Simulators have come a long way in the last decade. All commercial airlines and schools now incorporate simulator flights in their training and pilot refresher courses as well as type conversions for experienced pilots. At DLGC, we have invested heavily in new technology Our scenery is “Photo Realistic” so What you see on the sim is what you will see later when you take to the skies for real .  On the sim we will teach you the basics of the controls and how they work. You will then be able to take control and practice the basic control lessons so you have a head start when we take to the air for real later.

If you are seriously keen to learn to fly, this is the best taster package available in  the market today.

Additional information

Included Membership

30 Days from the date of your flight

Addition Visits Allowed

Two additional visits when you may fly at standard club rates

Membership Offer

£50 Discount off Club Membership if you join within 30 days of your Introductory flight

Voucher Valid For

12 Months from Date Of Purchase

Non Refundable

Flight Vouchers are non-refundable. We are a gliding club and we only sell flight products – we do not sell books, shoes, clothes or any non flying items that could be exchanged for this flight voucher.

If you are buying this flight voucher as a gift, It is your responsibility to ensure it will not end up as an "unwanted gift"

If you are the recipient of an unwanted gift, you may pass it on to another person. You MUST however inform us of the name of the person you are passing it on to, quoting the voucher number in all correspondence.


Height, Weight and Medical Restrictions Apply. Please ensure you have read the relevant page on this website

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