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Residential Courses


Our immersive five-day residential courses cost £795, which includes  your flying fees, six nights’ accommodation, and all main meals. You will become a temporary member of the club for the duration of your stay and able to use all of our facilities accordingly.

With a ratio of three course members to their own dedicated instructor for the week, the team of four work together to become self-sufficient on the airfield, supporting and encouraging each other completing various tasks including manoeuvring and retrieving gliders on the airfield, whilst also reinforcing the theory learned in the classroom.

Our residential courses are led by highly experienced, qualified gliding instructors and include all flying and instruction in our dual-control gliders and the chance to experience time on our three-screen flight simulator; the overall aim of our courses is to give your new gliding hobby a real head start.

Our residential courses are aimed at those who are typically going to be gliding or flying enthusiasts who may have flown a little or not at all and who are interested in learning to fly.

The courses are also suitable for those who want to come to the Peak District to learn a wide variety of skills, to become better, safer, and well-rounded pilots.

Our aim is to provide you with as much instruction and flying time as is reasonably safe and practical within our normal flying operations. However, gliding is very weather dependant, and our airfield is 1,350’ above sea level, so we cannot give any commitment on the amount of time you’ll be offered. If adverse weather conditions prevent flying, then detailed ground briefings will be given along with the use of our Flight Simulator to continue flight instruction.

In 2022 we are running four residential courses, all of which start on the Sunday evening with a brief introduction and settling in before the flying starts on the Monday morning. Our 2022 courses will aim to maximise the better summer weather that gliding relies on and will be during the following weeks:

  • Monday the 16th to Friday 20th May – FULLY BOOKED
  • NEW Monday the 6th to Friday 10th June – 3 SPACES (as at 25 Jan)
  • Monday the 4th to Friday 8th July – FULLY BOOKED
  • NEW Monday the 18th to Friday 22nd July – 3 SPACES (as at 25 Jan)
  • Monday the 8th to Friday the 12th August – FULLY BOOKED
  • Monday the 12th to Friday 16th September – 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (as at 25 Jan)


  • Height: between 1.52m and 1.88m (5’ and 6’1”)
  • Weight: maximum 95kg/210lbs/15 stone
  • Agility: able to get in and out of a bath unaided.
  • General Health: you should be physically fit and well. The nature of our airfield may limit access for the less physically able.
  • Overall Health: You will be asked to declare your fitness to fly a glider, free from certain physical or mental conditions that might specifically impact on your ability to fly in a glider and that might put your own or another’s safety at risk.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements (dietary or otherwise) and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Terms and Conditions apply.

To find out more about our Residential Courses, or to confirm availability, please contact the office by phone or email.