Soaring Bradwell Edge

Any pilot visiting or intending to fly in Derbyshire should make themselves aware of the gliding club at Camphill airfield and the type of flying activities they are likely to encounter.

Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club was established in 1935. Located on top

Information: – Gliding site at 1,350ft AMSL Advice: –  Not to overfly airfield below specified winch launch altitude – FL 3.4 (2,000ft above airfield) (CAP 1535 – Skyway Code)

of Bradwell Moor the club makes use of the ridge soaring opportunities which lie to the west, north & south of the club. The club operates throughout the year, 7 days each week in summer and 6 days each week in winter, weather permitting.

In more recent times hang gliders and paragliders have seen the opportunities Bradwell Edge can offer in westerlies and on these occasions launch from open ground just north of the airfield. These guidelines have been produced to provide hang glider (HG) & paraglider (PG) pilots with information on the likely setup at Camphill airfield when westerly wind conditions occur, including information on launch and circuit patterns likely to be adopted by the gliding club on such days.

Gliders flying from Camphill airfield range from older wooden type gliders, to the latest high-performance machines. Currently the club operates with 5 two-seater (training) gliders, while a further 32 privately owned gliders fly from this location. During periods when good soaring conditions are likely, the number of gliders operating from the airfield can expand to over 50, with the influx of visitors; pilots from other clubs.


In addition to solo flying by club members and visitors, more than half of all flights on any day are training flights in two-seater gliders; where instructors (located in the rear seat of a glider) coach, train or test club members and visitors (located in the front seat of the glider). So, HG & PG pilots should be aware that although the trainee in the front seat of a training glider may have a good all-round view of activities going on in front and to the sides of the glider, the instructor in the rear will have a more limited view.