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Terms & Conditions

Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club

(Herein after referred to as “The Club”)

Introductory Flights

Terms and Conditions

1. The Club having received the appropriate published fee in advance will issue a voucher which can be redeemed at the Club for an Introductory Flight experience. An Introductory Flight experience is a short flight in a glider, lasting approximately ten minutes, depending on the weather conditions at the time.

2. The experience specified in paragraph 1 above will be delivered at the address of the Club on the voucher.

3. The voucher can be redeemed only for the experiences specified in paragraph 1. This must be arranged by the voucher holder by booking in advance to partake in their experience on a date and at a time that is offered by the Club’s office.

4. The voucher must be handed over to the Club’s representative on the day of the booked experience.

5. The voucher is valid to be redeemed for up to one year from the date of its purchase. It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to make a booking early enough to allow the voucher to be redeemed within that year.

6. The voucher is valid only for the person named on the voucher. The name can be changed only by arrangement with the Club’s office before or at the time of booking, quoting the voucher number.

7. Please be aware that there are height and weight limits in order to fly. Minimum height is 5’ (1.52m), maximum height is 6’ 2” (1.88m), maximum weight is 15 stone (95kg), when dressed for flying.

8. The voucher holder will become a temporary Flying Member of the Club for the day of their experience.

9. The Club reserves the right to cancel part of or all of the experience specified in paragraph 1 at short notice, for reasons of safety or lack of resources. The Club will not be held liable for any consequential loss as a result of such cancellation. In these circumstances the Club will use best endeavours to let the voucher holder know before travelling to the Club.

10. The payment for the voucher is not refundable, except if the Club cannot provide the booked experience (as specified of paragraph 1) for any reason, on 3 separate pre-booked occasions. In these circumstances the voucher holder may apply to have 100% of the value of the voucher refunded, provided they do so in writing or by email within 14 days of the 3rd cancelled booking.

11. The voucher holder will be asked to sign a declaration before flying that he/she does not

a) suffer from a medical condition that may make him/her become incapacitated (e.g. fainting, fit, blackout, seizure, unconsciousness) whilst flying. If the voucher holder cannot sign this please contact the Club.

b) to their knowledge have a medical condition that might impact significantly on their flying in a glider and that might put their own or another’s safety at risk.

The voucher holder should also be reasonably fit and agile, able for example, to get into and out of a bath unaided.

12. The voucher holder will be liable to forfeit his/her right to redeem the voucher, if he/she fails to arrive for a booking without warning, or if he/she arrives and the staff or members of the Club believe that he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or that he/she or his//her associates are abusive or endanger safety.

13. The voucher holder must take reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and that of anyone accompanying them whilst on site by obeying directions and signs. Visitors should wear clothing that is suitable for an outdoor activity that may include exposure to wind and low temperatures and should wear footwear that facilitates walking up to a mile on ground that may be uneven. Trousers, not skirts, should be worn. No animals may be taken onto the airfield (except assistance dogs in harness).

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