Covid-19 Important Notice

The outbreak of Covid-19 still impacts our ability to offer gliding training and experiences, as well as limiting our ability to provide bar, catering and accommodation to members and visitors. The good news is that we are now in the process of opening up!

We’ve started by rescheduling all those flight experiences that were impacted by Covid – i.e. those with an expiry date after 17 March 2020. If you have one of these and have not been in contact with the office to rearrange it, please contact the Office to do so.

We have not yet restarted the recruitment of new members. To express your interest in joining, again please contact the office and ask to be put on the waiting list, so we can keep you informed.

Keep watching the website for further developments, as we open up more to the public.

Updated 19 May 2021

Your Very First Flight Could Be Like This ….

Never flown anything other than as a passenger on a commercial flight?  Want to find out what all the fuss is about before you commit to this exhillerating sport? You’re in for a treat. After some ground tuition, you will be taken aloft by one of our BGA approved Demonstrators and given the experience of a lifetime as you soar the Derbyshire countryside in the heart of the stunning Peak District National Park. This is NOT a joy ride. You will be shown how to operate the controls of the glider – and be given the opportunity to follow through on the controls as your pilot guides you throught the same basic lessons that all trainees must accomplish. A great introduction to what could turn into a very addictive pasttime ….. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Looking For Gift Ideas?

A special present – one or more flights in a glider…!

Our Introductory Flight Vouchers are popular as presents at Christmas, birthdays and all kinds of special occasions. The recipient of our new DUAL voucher gets a full explanation of gliders and gliding followed by a session in our triple screen simulator – the same one our own pilots use for training. You will be given a 20 or 40 minute hands on session  before going to the launch point to  experience the thrill of real silent flight(s) , in a two-seat glider. As well as learning something about gliding, the lucky recipient gets breathtaking views of the Derbyshire Peak District.

Whilst not fully automated via this website. Gift Vouchers are normal emailed to you the same day. If you would prefer to receive your voucher by posts, please remember to tick the appropriate box at checkout. It’s also a good idea to check your junk mail folder  or make sure is in your permitted senders list.

For those who are completely new to flying and just want a simple taster flight, our basic £75 single flight voucher is still available. For those who are keen to learn a little bit more about gliding, our club – and what Flight Training involves,  should consider our new DUAL flight vouchers. All flights can be booked in advance. We must point out however that gliding is very weather dependent. If on the day of your flight the commencement of flying is delayed due to weather, it means the whole schedule is put back and visitors will be flown in strict order according to their original scheduled time

Remember, All our Flight Experience vouchers are valid for 12 months so you can give the gift as a present and the recipient can come and redeem it in the spring or summer and enjoy a spectacular day out in the heart of the Peaks.

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