Whenever we are flying – more often than not, a pilot will carry with them and instrument called a logger. This is essential equipment when claiming distance or gain of height awards and also when we enter competitions – just to prove we’ve been where we are supposed to have gone and climbed as high as we say we have climbed. (well things can get a bit fuzzy in the bar after flying)

The logger produces a text file of numbers recorded every few second which contains height, speed and positional data during flight.

Now, thanks to some seriously clever people at “Doarama.com”  and some seriously helpful people at Microsoft Bing Maps division, we are able to combine the logger trace with some high powered visualisation software to give you a pilot’s eye view of a REAL flight.

This particular flight is from our airfield near Tideswell, going over to Win Hill near Ladybower Reservoir, then using the hills and ridges to soar all the way down past Chatsworth House and on to Matlock … and back again of course.

The visualisation is VR ready, so if you are lucky enough to own a VR headset – put them on now and enjoy the view. If – like me – you don’t yet own a VR headset, you can get a rough approximation of what it’s like by dragging your mouse up/down/left/right on the visualisation whilst it is playing. (It is recommended to drop the speed to 8x by clicking on the tortoise a couple of times.)

So relax, enjoy – then give us a call or book online for your chance to experience this amazing sport.