Our Dual Vouchers – What You Get – The Simulator Session

This is England. Sometimes the weather can be unkind. We’d love to be able to take every visitor soaring round the hills of Derbyshire. Flying up the Edale Valley or down our South Edge to Matlock. or up Ladybower reservoire towards the dams – made famous as the practice runs for the famous WW2 Dam Busters.

To do any of these things however, the wind needs to be in the right direction and the correct strength. Sadly, we can’t control the wind in real life – we have to “go with the flow”

On our simulator – it is different. On the simulator we CAN control the weather. So we can take you to all those places and more – guaranteed. If you ask your demonstrator nicely, he or she may even let you fly up the north face of The Eiger in the snowy Alps. This is what gliding is really all about, what we aspire to. To soar effortlessly without an engine in some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. This is what we train for, and this is what we can show you on our simulator irrespective of what the weather might be doing on the airfield during your visit.

So with our dual flight vouchers, we get a chance to show you what gliding is really all about. Of course, we’ll also teach you about how the controls work, how to fly straight and level, how to adjust your speed and how to turn, so you’ll be well prepared when you take to the sky for real …. and you will have a better insight into what makes us tick and why we love our sport so much.

The Real flight. Taking To The Air For The First Time

So, after your simulator session, it’s off up the field where you will be handed over to one of our fully qualified BGA approved instructors for the next phase, one or more flights in a real glider – ┬áthe thrill of a lifetime. You will fly in one of our high performance 2-seater dual controlled gliders. Powerful V8 winches will haul you into the air faster than a Porche – that’s 0-60 in about 3 1/2 second.

At the top of the launch, your instructor will release the tow cable and you will be home free – free as a bird. During your flight(s) you will again be shown how to fly straight and level, adjust your speed and make turns in the aircraft. If you feel comfortable, you will then be allowed to take over the controls of the aircraft and practice those exercises for yourself. And as if that wasn’t enough, you will be enjoying the magnificent scenery that is The Peak District National Park.


Of course, at the end of your visit, we will do our best to convince you to take up the sport and join our club, but be assured, none of us are sales people, just enthusiastic glider pilots one and all. We take no as a no.

In any event, whatever your decision, we hope you have a great time with us and recommend us to all your friends.