You’ve never tried gliding before ?

Slide Then Camphill is just the place for you to experience the magic of glider flight - to actually soar like a bird over the Derbyshire countryside. You would be taken by a British Gliding Association qualified Introductory Flight Pilot for a flight in a two seat glider. Before the flight we'll tell you a bit about gliders and gliding. Usually we can let you feel what it is like to use the controls, (that's if you'd like to try), to fly in level flight and turn We cannot guarantee how long your flight will last - that depends on the weather conditions. It could be up to 15 minutes. We give you long enough to get a real taste of what gliding is like. An Experience You Will Remember Forever

During the summer you should be able to Pre-book your  Experience Flight time slot for a weekday (Mon-Fri) by calling the office a week or two  in advance. We also take bookings for some Saturdays and Sundays. Click on Phone Numbers under Contact Us (menu bar at the top of the screen)

If you haven’t booked, come early in the day to the club house or office. Ask to get to the “launch point”, if we are already flying. Get your name on the list to get your turn. Without booking we cannot specify a particular time -or even guarantee you will fly If our launchpoint is busy with members wanting to fly, they will always take priority over casual visitors, but there is plenty to see while you are waiting. Members will happily  answer questions -including if and when you are likely to get your flight.

Casual visitors wishing to fly are discouraged during the winter (Oct – March  . Due to the vagaries of the great British Weather, the chances of obtaining a flight are less than slim. although you are more than welcome to come for a look-around. During the summer however you can take a chance on any midweek day (Mon – Fri) and we wild our utmost to get you into the air.  Pre-booking a timed slot however enables us to ensure that there will be an instructor available to fly with you – and if the weather turns against us – we will call you in the morning to ensure you don’t have a wasted journey.

If you are the holder of one of our DUAL packages (simulator plus real flight, you MUST pre book your time slot well in advance. We cannot provide the simulator part of the voucher without prior notice.

Choose from a DUAL or DUAL PREMIUM flight voucher  which includes a session in our flight simulator followed by one or more flights in a real glider. With our DUAL voucher, in addition to a 20 minute simulator session, we aim to give you up to 10 minutes real airtime, whilst our DUAL premium gives you a 40 minute sim session followed by approximately 20 minutes air time 

Go On – You Know You Want To