PLEASE NOTE. It is with much regret that we have cancelled all courses until such time as it once again becomes safe to conduct two-seater flights without risk to either your – or our instructors health. If you wish to be kept informed of our progress towards resuming normal operations, please use the contact form and we will add you to our mailing list

Residential  Courses Designed To Get You Gliding …. FAST

Complete Beginners to Power and Hang/Para glider pilots wishing to make the transition

 Height and weight limits apply. Minimum height is 5’ (1.52m), maximum height is 6’ 2” (1.88m), maximum weight is 15 stone (95kg)

About the week,
It was a great week, just what I was looking for.
Sincerely, I was not expecting to be greatly hosted like I was, members like Sylvia and John did really care about it. Every member of the club was a pleasure to meet and know.
I owe you a big, big, big thank you (that wasn’t possible personally due to lessons) for all your attention on making this possible, I can only imagine what went through your mind when I first contacted about the course.
Steve is a great and inspiring instructor, which made the lessons even more interesting.
Only two weeks have passed and I already miss Camphill, what a lovely place !
Again, I want to thank you all, and I hope to be back soon (maybe next year ?)
Now, I’m just hoping that you have a great longest gliding day and Vintage Rally (which I would really really love to visit !)


6 Nights, 5 Days Only £695

3 Nights, 2 Days Only £425

 Height and weight limits apply. Minimum height is 5’ (1.52m), maximum height is 6’ 2” (1.88m), maximum weight is 15 stone (95kg)


  • Full Board Accommodation (Bed, Breakfast, Evg Meal. Packed Lunch On the Airfield)
  • All Flying Fees Included
  • All Instruction by Fully Qualified BGA Instructors
  • Time on the Simulator
  • Personal Log Book
  • Book “From Passenger To Pilot”
  • £50 Membership Discount Voucher

Beginners Courses

On your gliding course, You’ll get close personal  attention from one of our qualified instructors and as much hands on flying as we can give you.  In fact – with a course gearing of only 4 pupils to 1 instructor and glider –  you’ll get lots of time in the air. We will teach every aspect of being a glider pilot, from flying to supervising the launch and driving the retrieve tractors, to completing the flying logs as well as your own personal pilot’s log book .

Power to Silent Flight

We assume you can fly and will quickly help you get to grips with a glider’s performance and handling Characteristics. Then we will hone your skills as a pilot in some of the key areas of difference between power and glider flight. In a glider, the angle of bank in a turn can exceed 45º and the turn rate will be around 20 seconds for a full 360. Extra drag  must be avoided at all costs. Effective use of the rudder in maintaining accurate flight aerodynamics at all times will be a key element of this transition course.

Even if you subsequently opt to stay with power flying, you will leave the course a better pilot for having had the experience.

Weight Shift to Stick Shift

Designed for Hang and Para Glider pilots who are familiar with ridge and thermal soaring, We assume you can fly and will quickly help you get to grips with a glider’s performance and handling Characteristics. One of the key areas we will need to work on is how to turn the glider by using the joystick rather than shifting your weight, so  in addition to your time in the air we will also proved extended time on our simulator to help “retrain your brain”  With good weather, we should have you soaring the hills or thermaling in what should be very familiar territory  on no time at all. Of course, taking off and landing a glider is also a whole different ballgame so we’ll put some time in on this aspect of glider flying too.

This course is very suitable for those hang and paragliding pilots who are considering transitioning to some other form of aviation sport. Our experienced cross country pilots (750K is our club record) will be on hand to bend your ear and regain you with stories of their epic flights. We’ll be trying to convince you that with the skills you already possess, Fixed Wing Gliding is the way to go.

Both our course packages are now further enhanced with extended evening sessions on our ultra realistic triple screen simulator. you will learn about the basic flight controls before your first flight to ensure your actual time in the air is optimised.

Oh… and have we mentioned our friendly well stocked bar. The glider pilots equivalent of the 19th hole – where the flights get longer and the climbs get higher as the evening wears on ….

So what if our great Britsh weather turns out to be not so great? If or any reason we are not able to deliver 2 hours air time or 10 launches during the week (1 hour or 4 launches for the 2 day package) You will be entitled to a refund of the difference calculated at club rates . Full terms and conditions are not currently available online but can be obtained by calling our office. Please note also that Camphill is not a flat airfield, we are an undulating hilltop site. Pupils must be reasonably fit. All members and pupils are expected to assist in the retrieval of aircraft that have landed and return them to the launchpoint. Gliders do not have engines and cannot therefore taxi themselves back to the launchpoint.

Please Note also there are height and weight constraints for flying

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Residential Courses cannot be booked online. Please call 01298 871270 to check availability and book