Step Back In Time To A Bygone Era

Well here’s your chance to step back in time and experience the thrill of silent soaring flight from a bygone era.  To feel the wind in your face and see the world through different eyes – the eyes of those intrepid aviators of yesteryear. But be careful – flying is contagious – you might catch the bug

 “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return”

Leonardo da Vinci

Ever looked up in the sky and wondered how it all began?

Ever seen the last remaining British Lancaster Bomber flying over the Derwent and Howden Dams, engines roaring and marvelled at the skill of the pilots as they guided their machine perilously close to the ground to avoid enemy gunfire inching ever closer towards a date with destiny?

Did you know that many of the R.A.F airmen in WW2 started out life as glider pilots. learning their skills in the very same aircraft that you see in this video and our pictures.

And did you know that many commercial pilots today fly gliders on their days off – swapping their airborne “computer” for a spot of “extreme sport” where they can really polish up their flying skills instead of letting the onboard electronic systems do it all for them. To them it’s a bit like climbing a mountain versus taking the Ski Lift

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Some things you need to know

  • This historic aircraft flies most Thursdays throughout the summer by appointment. Once you have purchased the experience – simply call our office to book your time slot. If you want  the experience on other days, you will need to call our office to check availability. We might not be able to give you an appointment when you call as we will need to check the availability of our qualified instructors
  • Flying these historic aircraft is VERY weather dependent. You will need to have some backup dates in mind. To that end, we are also reserving a week in September when the aircraft will be available most days to fly off any backlog caused by the great British weather
  • Height and weight restrictions apply to All gliders – please refer to our terms and conditions before you purchase your flight experience as mistakes cannot be rectified. We are a gliding club and do not sell any other products other than flying experiences. You may pass the voucher on to a friend, but there is nothing else you can exchange it for.
  • The Historic T21 is an open cockpit glider. Even if its a scorching hot day on the ground, it might not be at a couple of thousand feet. Bring sensible outer garments with you. You will be advised on the conditions on the day of your visit.
  • This historic T21 aircraft cannot fly in rain or strong winds. be prepared to come back another day.

General Data Protection  Regulations

When you book an experience flight with us we will require you to provide a daytime telephone number (preferably a mobile) and an email address. We need this information for two reason.

  • To be able to deliver your flying voucher to you in a timely fashion
  • To be able to contact you on the day if the weather means that flying the Historic T21 has to be cancelled (thus avoiding you having a wasted journey)
  • We are required by the Civil Aviation Authority to keep records of all passenger flight details for a period of 6 months after the flight has landed.

In addition, if you are purchasing the experience as a gift for someone else and wish to have the voucher posted, we will need to be provided with a postal address.

All data is held on secure servers and access is restricted to key club admin staff only.  At no time is your data visible on the internet and we have no affiliations with other organisation other than statutory aviation authorities. We do not sell rent hire or give away any personal data whatsoever.

During the months we are required to hold your data you may receive occasional emails from us. One may be an online  survey asking you what you thought about your flight experience and your visit to our club. One may be an unashamedly marketing email with details about joining the club and taking up this fantastic sport (it may include a special offer to entice you). The final one (after the mandatory 6 month period) will be to simply ask you whether you now wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list and have your personal data expunged from our system.

So …. Big deep breath … The booking button is below.  click now to begin the experience of a lifetime

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