Team Training Taster

Mike Bushell from the BBC tries his hand at gliding

If you’re just looking to experience the thrill of silent soaring flight for the very first time – this day is probably NOT for you.

Team Training Tasters are designed for people who have already had some kind of introduction to gliding and who are maybe trying to decide whether to take the plunge and start flight training for real. On TTT Days, we aim to give you the experience of what life will be like if and when you become a full member – a “Day In The Life” if you prefer.

The day will start with a briefing at 9:00am Here we discuss the weather prospects for the day and what we can hope to achieve when we fly. As rookies, that’s going to be pre-set. During the day, we will teach you how to fly straight and level, how to control the speed of the aircraft and how to turn the aircraft in the most efficient way so that you can end up going in the direction you want to – when you want to and at what speed

After the briefing, it’s on to our simulator where we will practice the exercises you will be doing for real later on. Our simulator and the scenery is so real that – apart from not being buffeted by the wind – you’ll be hard pushed to tell what’s real and what isn’t and 20 minutes on the sim should mean you are well able to complete the exercises when you take to the sky for real.

The Real Flights. Taking To The Air For The First Time

So, after your simulator session, it’s off to the hangars to get your glider out and prepared for flight. During the day you will have a dedicated aircraft and a dedicated instructor – and there will be three of you sharing the course. Because that’s how we train – in teams of three. Once the aircraft is prepared and ready to go, it’s off up the field¬† for the next phase, your flights in a real glider – ¬†the thrill of a lifetime. You will be flying in one of our high performance 2-seater dual controlled gliders. Powerful V8 winches will haul you into the air faster than a Porsche – that’s 0-60 in about 3 1/2 second.

At the top of the launch, your instructor will release the tow cable and you will be home free – free as a bird. During your flight(s) you will again be shown how to fly straight and level, adjust your speed and make turns in the aircraft. You will then be allowed to take over the controls of the aircraft and practice those exercises for yourself. And as if that wasn’t enough, you will be enjoying the magnificent scenery that is The Peak District National Park. With one member of the team in the air, the two remaining team members will be shown how to drive a tractor, how to retrieve your colleague when he/she lands, how to operate the flight logging computers and a host of other tasks that all members undertake during a busy flying day. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to become proficient at everything. It is after all a taster day and your flying is as key to us as we’re sure it is for you

Of course, at the end of your visit, we will do our best to convince you to take up the sport, and there will be a very special sweet deal available should you wish to join our club. But rest assured, none of us are sales people, just enthusiastic glider pilots one and all. We take no as a no.

In any event, whatever your decision, we hope you have a great time with us and recommend us to all your friends.