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Wonderful October Wave Day!

Photo courtesy Martin Willcox.

There are three sources of lift available to the glider pilot – ridge, thermal and wave – and at Camphilll, we are lucky enough to regularly fly in all three.  Saturday 8th October was one such day.  Bradwell Edge can often be relied upon in a 15 knot westerly, but on the 8th the ridge was working only sporadically and down low, possibly because the wave was out of phase with the ridge.  Fortunately, weak October thermals enabled us to “top up” and keep the fun going.  As the day wore on, the thermals became stronger and better organised – and a lucky few of us were able to ride them to 2,000 feet above the airfield and to make contact with the wave.  Wave lift is magical; smooth and strong, it is like a magic carpet ride!  Pundit Mike Stephens made it to the base of the airway, over 5,000 feet above the airfield – and even your own correspondent, well-used to seeing Mike 1,000 feet above him, managed to get to 4,000 feet above the airfield, with the Peak District laid out below in the autumn sun.  Much more importantly, Phil Maund took advantage of the good conditions to introduce four new members of the public to the joys of gliding.  If you grew-up yearning to fly and find yourself looking skywards every time you hear an aircraft go by, treat yourself to one of your Introductory Flights and come and join the fun!

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